What Handbags Are People Talking About?

Number 5 Purple Leather Lady Dior Evening Bag

The recently released Purple Leather Evening Bag is a new interpretation of the timeless Lady Dior pattern, and the purple color adds more glamour to the bag. The Lady Dior bag designed in 1990s obtained the favor of Princess Diana at the very beginning and since then it becomes a legend in fashion kingdom. It […]

Comparison Time – Tote Bags Versus Clutch Bags

All bags have distinct qualities. Before deciding on a designer bag, it is best to know what is different about each bag, what kind of distinct uses it has and other factors involved. After all, a designer bag is a huge investment. Here are a few pointers that differentiate between tote and clutch bags. Material […]

How to Choose the Right Crossbody Bag

Whether you are constantly on the go and need a bag that can keep your hands free or just want a trendy and stylish bag, getting a cross-body bag can be an ideal option. Not only do cross-body bags score high on practicality, but they can also prove to be great style statements when teamed […]

The Perfect Handbags for Those Who Love Black

Ah yes, the color black. There’s nothing more discreet yet powerful color that evokes that sense of mysteriousness, sensuality, and occasionally, fear. Put said color in an expensive luxury handbag and you got something that screams “Damn b*tch, I have arrived.” Black is a wise decision when choosing a handbag to buy for many reasons. […]

Coach Totes And Coach Signature Stripe Handbags – The All-In-One Bags

Coach Totes and Coach Signature Stripe handbags are considered one of the most popular of the Coach bags to date. With more and more items needing to be carried around at one time, it makes sense for women to opt to carry the larger handbags than the smaller ones. With Coach Totes and Coach Signature […]

How To Choose The Best Personal Handbag For Yourself

As a woman, you might want to have a personal handbag or purse which will fit to your outfits. There are many types of purses on the market which will allow you to look great when you wear them. However, you need to be very careful in choosing your personal purse because your handbag shows […]

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